Summit to Secutron Announcement

We are very excited to announce that our Secutron brand of fire alarm solutions is now available for the first time through Security Distributors.

Secutron has a very proud and rich history in the North American fire alarm industry with its roots dating back to 1973. The brand is renowned for its high quality conventional, intelligent and networkable control and detection solutions. The name is recognized and respected by consultants, installers and end- users alike. Now offered through Security Distributors, Secutron offers its users the following distinct advantages:

  • Market recognition stemming from 40 years of history
  • Leading brand awareness backed by the Mircom Group
  • Superior customer service and technical support
  • For the very first time - Intelligent networkable systems available through Security Distribution!

The Mircom Group of Companies (MGC™) brings a truly global perspective to the design, manufacture and application of advanced fire alarm, communications and security solutions. We are proud to offer our industry leading portfolio of products and solutions across multiple channels in over 70 countries worldwide.

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Summit Products Fire Intelligent Fire Alarms SFC-500 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels

SFC-500 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels

SFC-500 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
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The SFC-500 Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels are intelligent panels that support 60, 126 or 378 addressable points. The SFC-500 Series is ideal for both new and retrofit applications. Designed for small to medium commercial, institutional and industrial occupancies, these panels are powerful enough to meet today's installation demands. The SFC-500 Series is configurable by the keypad for onsite programming or by a PC for both onsite and remote programming. Easy to install and simple to operate and configure, the SFC-500 Series enables the installer to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.


  • Listed to UL 864, 9th edition
  • One to Three Addressable SLC Loops supporting 60, 126, or 378 addressable points
  • Points can be any combination of Addressable Sensors or Modules
  • Supports Ionization Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Variable Heat Sensors and Multi–Sensor (Heat/Photo)
  • Equipped with 2 line by 20 character back-lit LCD display and numerical keypad
  • Integrated UDACT/Digital Communicator
    Digital Communicator can be configured for DACT or UDACT mode of operation 
  • Configurable via the front panel, PC Configurator, or remote dial up through the built-in modem
  • Sensors can be configured as Alarm, Verified Alarm, Latching or Non-Latching Supervisory, Monitor and Trouble-Only
    Modules can be configured as Alarm, Latching Supervisory, Non-Latching Supervisory, Water Flow, Monitor, Trouble, Fire Drill Switch, Signal Silence Switch, Aux Disconnect Switch and Buzzer Silence Switch
  • Base panel is equipped with Four Class "B" (Style "B") indicating circuits which may be configured as Class "A" (Style "Z") using a Class "A" signal converter module
  • Indicating Circuits may be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable for both signals and strobes
  • Built-in sync protocols for the following strobe manufacturers: Mircom, Amseco, System Sensor, Gentex, Faraday and Wheelock
  • Relay contacts for Common Alarm, Auxiliary/Alarm (Disconnectable), Common Supervisory and Common Trouble
  • Configurable Signal Silence Inhibit, Auto Signal Silence and One-Man Walk Test
  • Subsequent Alarm, Supervisory, and Trouble operation
  • RS-485 Interface for Remote LED and LCD Annunciators,
  • Interface for a Remote Trouble Indicator (SRTI-200)
  • Two event history logs comprised of a 200 event alarm log for alarm related events and a 200 event general log for all other events
  • 5.5 Amp Power Supply
  • Optional modules for additional internal relay circuits and City Tie/Polarity Reversal
  • Optional trim rings for semi-flush mounting




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